Tournament Rulles

Invitational/Open - The tournament is open to all teams with the intent to cap it at 40 teams. All teams entered from the previous year are guaranteed a spot and entry priority when their entries are received and postmarked on or before November 16th. After November 16th, entries will be accepted on a first come first serve basis until all spots are filled. All teams that did not participate in the prior year are encouraged to enter early to better their chance of securing a spot. Entry this year ensures your team’s entry priority in next year's event. All teams must consist of two or more anglers with no more than five.
Check-In - Team check-ins begin at 5:00 am until 6:00 am at the Dana Landing tackle shop in Mission Bay. A team member MUST check in to pick up their captain’s bag and grid map. Have you VHF turned to channel 71 Lines in at 6:30 AM.
IGFA Rules Apply - Bounce balling and drift fishing with trap rigs are allowed with SINGLE hooks only. NO gang (double or treble) hooks are permitted to be fished in this tournament. Baits may be used with single hooks only.
Gaffs - Not to exceed 8 feet.
Rods - Anglers may use up to 2 rods per angler at any time.
Boundaries - Includes the inside waters of Mission Bay and all legal (Non MLPA) outside waters strictly North of Mission Bay jetty to Oceanside.
Tournament Ch - 71. All boats must have a working VHF radio. All legal Halibut (22in) brought aboard the boat and kept must be called into tournament control immediately to report the angler’s name and the grid area where the fish was caught. A special grid map will be given to all boats at check-in on the morning of the tournament
Weigh-in - All boats must be at the weigh-in dock by 3:00 PM sharp (NO Exceptions) Due to the possibility of multiple boats needing to weigh in you will be required to call in Ch - 71 once you are near the weigh-in dock and a visual can be made of your boat. This will only need to be done if there is no room at the weigh-in dock. In the unlikely event of two fish weighing the same weight, the first fish weighed will be determined the winner. In the event that no legal fish are taken, there will be drawings for all places. The side jackpots will also be rewarded by a separate drawing (-15%) to the team that participated in one or more of the side jackpots. If a team did not participate in all side jackpots then the drawing will continue until all side jackpots are claimed. If there is an insufficient number of halibut weighed in to claim all cash prizes (not including side jackpots) the unclaimed cash prizes will be added to the claimed prizes on a pro-rata basis. One team will be allowed to place multiple times (1st, 2nd, etc.)
Weather - In the event that weather causes a cancellation the tournament will be held the following Sunday. In the event, that weather also cancels Sunday a drawing(s) will be held until all prizes are claimed. Rain will not necessarily constitute a cancellation. All teams/anglers fish at their own risk.
Refunds - Refunds will be given only if notice is received by November 16, 2023, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Special Note - Due to the growing number of boats in this tournament, Please be considerate to others and promptly pull your vehicle and boat forward of the launch area to allow for things to flow smoothly for all.